Why blog?

It is the end of 2017. Celebrity interview shows beam from space into joggers’ wireless earbuds. Flying drones bring packages from the sky to your doorstep. Nuclear war is threatened over Twitter. In the fast changing post-Internet world, blogging is almost archaic. Starting a new blog is not unlike signing up for a new MySpace account – techinically possible, but why would you spend your time that way?

Over the past year I’ve become obsessed with Shadow of the Demon Lord, a D&D-like tabletop RPG created by veteran game designer Robert Schwalb. During that same time frame I’ve also become obsessed with brilliant blogs like Goblin Punch, Hack & Slash, and Papers & Pencils which help fuel the “Old School Renaissance” of D&D retroclones. I took to Google hoping to find a similarly brilliant blog about my new love the Demon Lord.

I found no such blog. Surprisingly, the top two results were posts on my real-life meatspace friend James Introcaso’s ENnie Award winning D&D blog about the Demon Lord’s initiative system. I tweeted at James to tell him about his site’s excellent SEO and the coincidence and he responded that it would be awesome if someone did make a Demon Lord blog.

Twitter is a communication platform for rash Presidential decrees, bullying strangers, and occasionally brainstorming ideas with pals.

I used to tour nerd conventions with my comedian pal Noah Houlihan, founder of geek stand-up group +2 Comedy. One thing that’s stuck with me is at a Q&A panel after a show an audience member asked how +2 Comedy got started, and Noah replied, “I wanted to create something in the world that I wanted to exist, that I would be a fan of.”

Most things exist already. It was an unusual experience to Google something that I would be a fan of and to not find that thing. There’s definitely some great SotDL conversation going on in the 2,200 member Google+ community, but I wanted to find a blog I could pore over on the train like the other great sites in my favorites tab.

I’m not the savant-like creative content machine or wizened DM sage that some of the above referenced bloggers are. I also don’t expect to generate a profit or career as a niche dark fantasy RPG writer. But I do hope to share some thoughts about an awesome game that deserves more attention within our weird, glorious hobby. If this project ends up being just me rambling to myself I’d be happy with that, but if I can bring some joy and share some thoughts with some other horror-fantasy loving gamers at the same time, even better.