A terrifying monster! And possibly the mascot of a major undead political party?

A skelephant never forgets what it knew in life but forms no new memories in undeath. This constant state of confusion makes it particularly irritable.

Though the skelephant’s boneless trunk has long since rotted away, its memory of its trunk is strong enough to create a ghostly telekinetic force that functions just like the former appendage.

There is a rumor that you can see its past by playing its rib cage like a xylophone. It’s unclear whether this is a fact or a horrible prank.

Regular living elephants, who remember and honor their dead, treat skelephants as horrifying monsters.

SKELEPHANT   Difficulty 50
Size 3 frightening undead animal
Perception 5 (-5), sightless
Defense: 14   Health: 80
Strength: 16 (+6)  Agility: 10 (+0)  Intellect: 6 (-4)  Will: 12 (+2)
Speed: 8
Immune: damage from cold, disease, and poison; gaining insanity; asleep, diseased, fatigue, poisoned

Goring Tusks: (melee) +6 with 1 boon (3d6)
Trample: (melee) +6 with 1 boon (2d6), on a success a target who is smaller than the skelephant is knocked prone.
Ghostly Trunk: When a creature enters the skelephant’s reach, the skelephant can use a triggered action to make a grab attack (+6 with 2 boons) against that creature with its invisible ghostly trunk. On a success the target is grabbed and takes 1d6 damage. The skelephant cannot use this action again until the grab ends.