Shadow of the Krampus

Just in time for the holidays, I had the genuine pleasure of running a horror-themed Christmas one-shot, recorded and released in a four-part podcast on the Don’t Split the Podcast Network.

The players were my real life meatspace friends and founders of DSPN, James and Rudy, a very-funny player from the Dames & Dragons podcast, Noel Shiri (who was not only invited because of her thematically appropriate name), and D&D writer and Adventurer’s League community manager Lysa Chen.

We played the great free adventure Shadow of the Krampus (available at the link) by Advanced Dungeons and Parenting blogger Christian Lindke.

For a free adventure… Shadow of the Krampus is freaking huge. Christian wrote an intricate lore about the Solstice King and Krampus that makes the adventure worth reading even if you don’t have a group to run it for (though I suggest finding a group to run it for). There’s a map to run a hexcrawl, a mystery to solve, intense combats, and crazy hooks leading to additional Christmas themed adventures. It’s a 13 page PDF packed tight with content for the crazy price of free.

I’m boycotting Starbucks until they put Krampus on their holiday cups.

For the sake of a compelling narrative arc within the time constraints of a single-session podcast, I had to judiciously edit parts out of the adventure. And because I’m a weird comedian I added some additional whimsical Christmas stuff and, uh, songs. But, honestly if you and your friends are bunch of no-responsibility crumb bums you could probably spend a holiday weekend of gaming just based on this free adventure.

ANYWAY! If you want to listen to the our take on the adventure, here it is: (I’ll add the remaining parts as they are posted)

Shadow of the Krampus – Part One

Shadow of the Krampus – Part Two

Shadow of the Krampus – Part Three (of four!)

And because I’m a big fan of promoting the actual paid material that keeps Shadow of the Demon Lord running, I’d be remiss not to point out that after this recording Schwalb Entertainment released an official winter holiday themed adventure, He Sees You When You’re Sleeping. Hopefully I can convince James and Rudy to play and record that adventure next December…